Tickets are available for those who live outside Japan.

For details including payment method and ticket pick-up, please refer to respective website.



  • The admission tickets for this performance will be handed out at the time and place designated by the organizer on the day of the performance (in the vicinity of the venue such as the entrance and day ticket sales counter).
  • In order to receive your ticket, please bring your confirmation mail sent from Rakuten Ticket and a form of photo identification. (Passport, license etc.) We cannot issue tickets if cannot confirm your e-mail and ID. (Identification)
    "Ticket Order Confirmation" e-mail is proof that the application has been completed.
  • Tickets cannot be sent to you. Please pick up your ticket(s) at the venue.
  • Entry tickets are only valid once ticket per person. Tickets are only valid for the date and time specified.
  • When purchasing a ticket, please make sure that there is no mistake in the performance day, time, or seat type.
  • Ticket(s) are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.10% overseas sales commission is added to the fee.
  • Purchaser of the tickets shall NOT re-sell, transfer, or auction off the tickets. Single tickets cannot be shared by multiple people. If such acts are discovered, any parties involved will be forcibly ejected from the event.
  • Once tickets have been issued, we will not reissue any tickets that have been lost, burned, stolen, or damaged. Additionally, if you do not bring a ticket to the entrance, even if you can prove your purchase, you cannot enter the performance venue.
  • In the event of any cancellations due to natural disaster, tickets will not be refunded and any cost associated with the cancellation (such as travel expenses to the site) will not be compensated.
  • In case of cancellation or postponement of performances, we will not compensate travel expenses, transportation expenses etc. (including cancellation fee).
  • You will not be able to enter the performance venue if you ticket is torn or damaged.
  • Please note that due to the convenience of the organizer, the contents of the event may be variable to change.
  • All information submitted while purchasing tickets will be forwarded to the event organizers.

Right of Publicity

  • Customers are permitted to bring compact digital cameras, and cell phones that can take photos, only for the purpose of personal viewing. All professional-caliber cameras are prohibited. If legal confliction arises relating to audio and/or visual recording using any form of recorders/devices, of any individuals including but not limited to performers, audience, and/or public and private facilities, the responsibility shall strictly fall onto the person who acted. The event organizers will under no circumstances become involved.

Personal Belongings

  • Any items including food, drinks, dangerous items prohibited by the event organizers may not be brought inside the venue, and will be confiscated at entrance.
  • Pets are not allowed within the venue, with the exception of service dogs, however the owner of the service dogs must be aware that there are limitations to admissions.

Basic Rules to Enjoy the Event

  • Persons causing trouble at the site, or who ignore the instructions by the event organizers, will be forcibly ejected from the premises and will not be issued refunds under any circumstances.
  • The event organizers, artists, and the venues will under no circumstances be held responsible for accidents or thefts occurring inside and outside of the venues.
  • Dangerous acts such as diving and moshing are prohibited.
  • The event organizers will not be held responsible for injuries suffered by negligence of personal safety. The event organizers will see to first aid and arrange emergency services in case of injuries caused by prohibited dangerous acts such as diving and moshing, but will thereafter not be held responsible. Furthermore, if such accidents involve a third party, it is the responsibility of all parties concerned to find ensuing action toward legal revisions. The event organizers will under no circumstances intervene or become involved in such instances.
  • The event organizers, performers or venues will not be held responsible for any accidents, mishaps or injuries occurring inside and outside of the venues. We must ask you to take responsibility for your own actions.